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More than a thousand words

September 29, 2009

I have now downloaded some of our pictures onto flickr I will be adding more over the next few days.

Some pictures

September 22, 2009

I thought the blog was getting a bit boring so I’ve added a few pictures to liven things up. During our first week away Esther discovered two climbable trees in Opa and Oma’s garden and spent a lot of time in them.

Esther up a tree (De Kwakel, NL)

Esther up a tree (De Kwakel, NL)

During our second week away we were in Fontainebleau where we did a lot of bouldering (rock climbing on small boulders). Lots of fun for all the family.

Patience and Saskia on the rocks (Fontainebleau)

Patience and Saskia on the rocks (Fontainebleau)

How we’re getting on

September 22, 2009

We start school at half past eight, and finish at half past four. We’ve got a two hour break for lunch. I have school lunch and the food is nice, I just don’t like cheese. Every day I have 2 hours of French and 1 hour of English.

We don’t go to school on Wednesday, so in stead:

  • We went up to the bastille and had a chocolate waffle this afternoon.
  • The couch is very comfy, so I do loads of forward rolls on it.
  • I like drawing on my homework diary.
  • I have to do loads of homework (12 sentences for English).
  • We have to learn French because they don’t speak any English in our school.

One of my friends has come from Trinidad (they speak English there) and she’s called Nyala.

And it’s my birthday on the 25th….

We’re there, yes it’s true

September 15, 2009

After three weeks of staying in gites in the mountains we have finally settled into our apartment in Grenoble. Over the past few weeks we have moved so often, yesterdays move didn’t seem so bad. We must have become quite good at this.


We’re there (sort of)

September 7, 2009

OK, we have arrived in Grenoble, in fact, we got here a few weeks ago. The trouble is that the weekend before we left, we received a call to tell us that the apartment we had arranged well in advance was no longer available. It took a while and quite a lot of stress to find an alternative, but we found it now and we’ll be moving in next monday (14th of september).

In the meantime we have been staying in holliday homes outside the city. This has been great because the have been high up in the mountains where it was a lot cooler than in the city, but since last week when the girls started school it has become a bit impractical. So we’re all looking forward to moving into town.

I’m keeping this short as the french keyboard is starting to get on my nerves a bit……