We’re there (sort of)


OK, we have arrived in Grenoble, in fact, we got here a few weeks ago. The trouble is that the weekend before we left, we received a call to tell us that the apartment we had arranged well in advance was no longer available. It took a while and quite a lot of stress to find an alternative, but we found it now and we’ll be moving in next monday (14th of september).

In the meantime we have been staying in holliday homes outside the city. This has been great because the have been high up in the mountains where it was a lot cooler than in the city, but since last week when the girls started school it has become a bit impractical. So we’re all looking forward to moving into town.

I’m keeping this short as the french keyboard is starting to get on my nerves a bit……


2 Responses to “We’re there (sort of)”

  1. Jane Says:

    How’s school going? Hope new appartment provides a nice home for you all for a while. It’s strange not having you around here in Porty!

    • geozenn Says:

      The girls have been to school for nearly two weeks now. Considering that most of the teaching is in French they are coping remarkably well. Luckily there are lot’s of kids in similar positions (with little knowledge of French) and even more who have been through this. I’m hoping they will write a bit about their school life soon..

      The apartment is great and seems very convenient for the city and school. Luckily the mountains are never far away either.

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