We’re there, yes it’s true


After three weeks of staying in gites in the mountains we have finally settled into our apartment in Grenoble. Over the past few weeks we have moved so often, yesterdays move didn’t seem so bad. We must have become quite good at this.

The apartment is very nice and reasonably spacious. It’s on the fourth floor and we still have views of the mountains on either side, albeit framed by tall buildings. From the back we can see the mountains of the Vercors where we spent the last two weeks, from the front we have a view of the Belledone Massif where we spent our first week, and if you step out onto the balcony you have a view of the Chartreuse and the battlements of the Bastille.

Last night, for the first time, we walked back from school along the Cours Jean Jaures, which aparently is the longest straight road in France. It is quite a wide road as well and one of the main roads into the city. After a long day at school it took us about half an hour to get home, and this will become our routine over the next few months. Of course we could also consider taking the bus, public transport seems very well organised here…..

On the way back from school this morning I stopped at the Marche de l’estacade. A daily market with mainly fresh fruit and vegetables. This is how I had imagined our stay here. Shopping at markets and picking up some nice crusty bread along the way. You can do most of your shopping here without setting foot in a supermarket.

I’m writing this blog from an improvised desk in our bedroom. When we arrived yesterday, the phone and internet connection were all set up (hats off to Orange and France Telecom), and I should be able to start working from here (After I finished this blog).

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