We’re coming home


It was a bit strange not to know when we were going to go home, but now we have booked our return journeys. Patience is flying back to Edinburgh on the 29th of December and Leo is leaving Grenoble by car on the 28th to catch the ferry from Zeebrugge to Rosyth and arrive back in Edinburgh at about the same time as Patience and the girls.

It’s a bit strange to think about going home, now that things are actually going quite well, certainly me and Patience are going to miss being here. The girls do seem quite keen to go back as they are missing their friends.


2 Responses to “We’re coming home”

  1. Joanne Baird Says:

    I know Meghan is looking forward to Esther coming home. She keeps asking me how long it is now! So you’ll be guartanteed a warm welcome.

    • geozenn Says:


      Esther really enjoyed Meghan’s emails and txts yesterday. She has been missing her friends a lot and has found school here quite hard. It’s going a lot better now, and now we have booked our return journey it doesn’t seem so long any more.


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