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The snow is back

December 2, 2009

After last month’s snow the weather warmed up a lot and most of the snow in the mountains disapeared. Since last weekend the bad weather has returned. We had a some friends visiting this weekend (Oona and Jean-Pierre) and on sunday had to cut short our hike to the geocache on the Mont Aiguille, because the high winds were a bit too much for the girls. The surrounding mountains were all collecting a fresh coating of snow once again. The bad weather continued during monday and tuesday, and when the sun came out today, it seemed obvious to go for some more sledging, it was super. You can admire some new pictures here.

Game on

December 2, 2009

The final instalment of my cooking course was all to do with game. Again we prepared two dishes:

  • Salmi de pintadeau, au raisin, sauce porto
  • Filet de biche fa├žon grand veneur

That’s guinea fowl and roedeer, I think, only found out using the online translator the day after the course.