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New pictures

April 22, 2011

I’ve just uploaded some pictures of our journey and our first week here on my flickr site.


April 21, 2011

On Saturday we went to the Bergen Science Museum (Vilvite). There was lot’s to do and you could use a card to record some of your activities. Here are some.

Bergen without snow

April 21, 2011

All the snow has gone and left some sun behind. We have been doing loads of cycling, hiking and swimming on the beach. When we went to the beach we found mussles that we ate the day after, and a crab and an unusual caterpillar. It was so cold after all the winter weather Esther did not manage to swim.

We are going to find a house as soon as we can so that we have loads of space to run around. The apartment we are staying in now is very noisy because of little twins upstairs who like pushing trains up and down the corridor and a man downstairs who plays loud music all day.

It has been hot the past few days, so we’re hoping to do even more.


We have landed

April 16, 2011

After a long delay and few hectic weeks we have now made it to Bergen.  We left Portobello at lunch time on Monday with only 5 minutes to spare. We had had the the most chaotic morning of packing the car, dealing with the guys from the removals company, remembering the meter readings and a few other minor details that had to be dealt with before our departure.  In all that chaos, at about 11 0’clock it dawned on us that our car wasn’t actually large enough to take the contents of four (yes four) large boxes.  So at the spur of the moment we had to decide what to do with this stuff and a quick decision was made to add it to the boxes to be shipped by DHL through the university. (more…)

On the move

April 2, 2011

We’ve had some major set-backs since we took the decision to move to Bergen , but finally the time has come to  depart. Obviously we are going with mixed feelings. We’re very positive that this is the right thing to do for us as a family, but we also realise the importance of what we are leaving behind. We have had a lot of amazing support from family and friends over the last half year which is not to be taken for granted. We do hope that you will all stay in touch and will come over to visit us, once we have settled into more permanent and hopefully more spaceous accomodation.