On the move


We’ve had some major set-backs since we took the decision to move to Bergen , but finally the time has come to  depart. Obviously we are going with mixed feelings. We’re very positive that this is the right thing to do for us as a family, but we also realise the importance of what we are leaving behind. We have had a lot of amazing support from family and friends over the last half year which is not to be taken for granted. We do hope that you will all stay in touch and will come over to visit us, once we have settled into more permanent and hopefully more spaceous accomodation.

Our leaving date is the 11th of April. We will start our trek by driving to Newcastle to take the ferry to IJmuiden (Amsterdam), followed by two days of driving across Germany and Northern Denmark, where we will get a ferry directly to Bergen. The journey has turned out a slightly larger undertaking than we expected because there are currently NO direct ferries from the UK to Norway. Maybe we should start lobbying for these to be reinstated?

I will try and continue to update this blog after we move so you can keep track of how we are settling in. Hope you will all stay in touch!


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