We have landed


After a long delay and few hectic weeks we have now made it to Bergen.  We left Portobello at lunch time on Monday with only 5 minutes to spare. We had had the the most chaotic morning of packing the car, dealing with the guys from the removals company, remembering the meter readings and a few other minor details that had to be dealt with before our departure.  In all that chaos, at about 11 0’clock it dawned on us that our car wasn’t actually large enough to take the contents of four (yes four) large boxes.  So at the spur of the moment we had to decide what to do with this stuff and a quick decision was made to add it to the boxes to be shipped by DHL through the university.

Anyway we did manage to leave at about one o’clock and got to Newcastle in time for the ferry to IJmuiden in the Netherlands. What a releave not to have to think about all the logistics any more and to just trundle along the motorway at a fairly relaxed morning. After a calm night crossing the North Sea we got to the Netherlands in time for lunch with my mum and dad and as usual a fairly random combination of brothers sisters and other offspring was there to say hello. Then it was on to Hamburgh were we spend the night in a hotel and on the next day to Hirtshals in northern Denmark for another overnight stay. When we got there the sun was out and the girls went straight for the beach, as if they had never seen the sea before.

On the day of the ferry to Bergen we managed a short bikeride through the dunes before embarking on the Bergensfjord. A much smaller ship than what we have become used to on our crossings to the Netherlands. Unfortunately by then a thick fog had decended and what could have been a scenic journey along the Norwegian west coast turned out to be very featureless. Only rarely was there any land to be seen (most of it took place overnight anyway). It wasn’t until we were very close to Bergen the next morning that we saw land again, lot’s of it in the shape of little islands covered with beautiful wooden houses. The ferry arrived right in the centre of town and within 10 minutes of landing we were at the apartment unloading the car…..


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