What’s this about plumpie


Although very overgrown, the garden with our new house has already produced a lot of nice fruit for us. Starting with redcurrants and some gooseberries at the beginning of August, and piles and piles of plums over the past two weeks.  So we have been busy making jam, compote and… best of all plum pie! You can ask Esther for the recipe.

Apart from a bit of pruning (very therapeutic), and planting a few herbs, we haven’t managed to do an awful lot of gardening yet. Hopefully we will find some time next spring so that we can start producing some of our own vegetables again.

Luckily there is a lot of foraging potential nearby. Obviously the woods are littered with blåbær and we have had the odd handfull of those. The best thing so far was though when we happened on some amazing mushrooms last Saturday evening. There are so many mushrooms in the woods at the moment, and most of us I wouldn’t know if they were edible, but these were unmistakable: Ceps!. We used to buy them at great expense on the market during our stay in France last year, and here we found them just next to the path, food for free.  We had them on toast on Sunday morning.


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