Weather obsessed


It’s time to talk about the weather. We have had rather a lot of it recently and in a place like Bergen, one of the wettest cities in the world it is hard not to obsess about it. Before we moved people often asked how we were going to cope with all the rain, my answer was that it rains a lot but most of it comes in big downpours, with bright patches in between. This has definitely been true until the beginning of September, in fact july and august were actually very pleasant and since we moved to Laksevåg we have had many dinners out on the deck behind the house enjoying the evening sun!

Everything changed at the beginning of September (statistically the wettest month of the year) when it started raining and almost never stopped until about three days ago. I was still right about the big downpours, light rain doesn’t seem to happen much here, and on one day we they recorded 45 mm. Unfortunately there weren’t many bright patches in between.  Over the whole month there was a total of 360 mm of rain , compare that to the annual average of 668 mm in Edinburgh and 804 in Amsterdam, and you realise that is has been very wet here!

So how do we cope? Surprisingly well so far. The summer has been fantastic and it’s nice to have that as our reference: “It can be amazing!”. We have also made a point of not letting it hold us back. We have invested in new raingear for all of us and despite the poor weather we have managed a nice hike in the local hills almost every weekend. This weekend the forecast was good and we went out to Voss and Flåm on the Sognefjord to do some cycling and recharge and prepare for the next wet patch. As I write this the rain has come on again, but…. we’re ready for it.

The graph below was “borrowed” of and summarizes last years weather and some long-term weather statistics for Bergen.

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