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April 24, 2012

Because we haven’t updated the blog since New Year we should tell you about what we got up to in the norweigen Febuary holiday. We didn’t get much snow at Christmas so we were a bit worried about our skiing holiday in Febuary. We had booked a hut quite a way from Bergen. The hut was small but felt actually very big. The week we stayed there was full of sunshine and heat. It was quite disappionting. It was soo hot we had to do something else other than skiing on the last day. Which was actually very fun. We went to a farm where they had all sorts of animals. There were wolves, lynx, white foxes and deer. There were also loads of goats that roamed about every where, hopping over fences and eating peoples shoe laces. When we headed back there was almost no snow at all.

Now to the present. We’ve just had our easter holidays. We have heard that there was a very hot period in the UK recently. 21*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We had some sunny days here in Norway but it was around 9-12*.

We spent the whole holiday with some friends of ours (Lucy, Holly, Jim and Emma). We did a few walks and went to a really good swimming pool. It was all because of one fast flume. One really fast flume that I call the best. But even Sas the youngest of the group dared to go on it. On our walks we passed millions and millions of-I’m exagerating- German bunkers, they were very fun to explore. Then we went to a norweigen hut. There was a big waterfall next to the hut and froze over every night. It looked very beautiful and sounded as if an earthquake had struck when the ice melted and fell during the day. On the first day we went out in some kayaks belonging to the hut. But what!.!.!.?…..The lake was frozen, we had to force our way through the ice by braking it with our paddles. It was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The next day we went for a walk up a hill covered on snow. It was a big trudge.The last beautiful moment of the trip was running down to a deep fjord in the evening sun. We had a good time with Lucy and Holly and we hope they liked it.