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Climbing pictures

September 5, 2013

I realised that some people don’t necessarily have access to facebook therefore hereby some pictures from our climbing trip to Sotra nearly two weeks ago. This was a trip with some old friends who visited from Paris. They are keen climbers and we were keen to show them our local sites. Lovely day for a climb and picnic! As another illustration of how we are moving on Saskia very confidently climbed most of the routes she started without giving up and Esther had her first go a leading some routes!

Piicnic with marie

Esther leading  Saskia near the top

Proud or beaten?

September 2, 2013

Historic day last week! The good news: In 35 years of running I had never come first. Last weekit happened, 1st in the over 50s! Won a pair of hiking socks for the effort. The bad news (for me): Esther beat me in the very same race.


“Proud or beaten?”, two dads and two daughters. The younger generation is taking over.

Dads and daughters

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